Cucumber juice recipe: Add this to your diet for healthy stomach

Cucumber Juice Recipe: Cucumber is very good for health. It contains abundant amount of water which keeps us hydrated from inside by protecting us from dehydration. Cucumber is mostly eaten in the form of salad, but its juice is also like nectar for health. For those who want to start their day with something healthy, cucumber juice can be a good option.

The nutrients of cucumber are very beneficial for health. Its juice is good for those who have heat in their stomach. It gives coolness to the stomach from inside. Apart from this, people who regularly drink Cucumber juice remain under blood pressure control. Along with this, it also takes good care of the heart and stomach related diseases like constipation and acidity problems also go away.

Those people who want to reduce their weight must include cucumber juice in their regular diet. Because cucumber and all the ingredients in its juice will reduce your increasing weight and make you fit and slim. Starting the morning with cucumber juice makes the whole day full of energy. Let’s know the method of making cucumber juice.

Cucumber Juice Recipe: Ingredients

Cucumber – 2
Green coriander – 1 tbsp
Mint – 1 tbsp
black salt – as per taste
Honey – 1 tbsp
Ginger – 1/2 inch piece
Lemon – 1/4 slice
Water – 2 cups


To make cucumber juice, cut the cucumber into thick pieces without peeling it.
Now finely chop the coriander and mint as well, and also chop ginger and lemon.
After this, put cucumber pieces and chopped coriander and mint in a mixer jar.
Now grind them well, when it grinds coarsely, add chopped ginger and lemon to it.
Keep in mind that instead of lemon juice, you should add lemon directly, because lemon
contains a lot of fiber.
Now grind them well, when they are grinded, add 2 glasses of water to it and then grind them.
After this, with the help of a sieve with thick holes, you filter the juice and add black salt and honey to it.
Your healthy cucumber juice is ready, now serve it in a serving glass and make your day better.

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