‘Côte d’Ivoire Chamber of Commerce and Industry and CCC MOU could enable SL businesses to reach rest of Africa’

Côte d’Ivoire ambassador to Sri Lanka Eric Camille N’dry said subsequent to the signing recently of an MOU between his country’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI-CI) and Sri Lanka’s Chamber of Commerce that the MOU could pave the way for Sri Lanka’s businesses to reach the rest of Africa via his country.

A press release said in this connection: ‘The MOU was signed between the CCC and the CCI-CI to facilitate trade, commerce and investment between the two countries. Addressing the gathering of Chamber members, chairman, CCC Vish Govindasamy welcomed the ambassador and the team from Côte d’Ivoire and pledged the support of the Chamber to foster business between the members of both Chambers. In the ambassador’s speech he impressed upon the gathering the positive impression he had gained of Sri Lanka in his short time on the island.

‘The ambassador invited Sri Lankan businesses to consider investment in Côte d Ivoire and via them to reach the rest of the Africa. He went on to explain about the Free Trade Agreements in place between Côte d’Ivoire and the African sub-continent, EU and the US. Agricultural processing, value addition to rubber, tourism and tourism training, construction, IT and AI were identified as areas of potential collaboration.

‘After the signing of the MOU, detailed business discussions were held with CCC members present. Many members expressed strong interest in establishing trading relationships with the Ivory Coast.

‘The Commercial Consular for Côte d Ivoire embassy Mr. Akaffou and the Honorary Consul Sheran Fernando undertook to initiate a detailed discussion with the businessmen who expressed interest in exploring commercial relationships in the Ivory Coast and undertook to organise trade delegations between both countries within 2023.’


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