Communist rule pushed Tripura to brink of destruction: PM Modi

Agartala (Tripura): With the Tripura Assembly polls approaching, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Monday slammed the Congress-Left alliance and said that they have pushed the state to the brink of destruction.

“The first condition for development is rule of law and order. The Communist rule had pushed Tripura to the brink of destruction. The people of Tripura can never forget the chaotic situation wherein cadres had taken hostage every aspect of life. The Left had treated the people of Tripura as slaves and themselves as kings,” said PM Modi.

He added that only the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) brought peace and established rule of law in Tripura. The PM further said that the opposition alliance in the state will never develop Tripura.

“I want to remind the people of Tripura about one thing, the Left and the Congress can never develop Tripura and want the people of Tripura to remain poor. They have only one agenda i.e. filling their coffers,” PM Modi said.

Today was the second visit of PM Modi in the state within a week. Tripura is scheduled to undergo polls on February 16 whereas the votes will be counted on March 2.

PM Modi, while exuding his confidence to win the election by a huge margin said that his party does the politics of “badlav”, not “badla”.

“BJP does politics of change, not revenge. We do politics of public interest and national interest. That’s why this time BJP is coming back with more votes than last time,” the PM said.

He further came down heavily on the CPI(M) and accused both parties of “killing” political opponents before every election.

“Communists ruled Tripura for three decades and killed political opponents before every election. BJP’s government in Tripura has been working day and night to fill the pit dug during the last 25-30 years of communist rule,” the PM also said.

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