Check out 6 Bollywood actresses, who redefined motherhood on screen

New Delhi: The way moms are portrayed in Bollywood movies and TV shows has drastically changed over time. Rani Mukerji’s Mrs. Chatterjee vs. Norway recently debuted an intriguing teaser, which was released by Zee Studios. The film, which was based on a true story, tells the story of a distressed woman who must battle Norway’s foster care system to gain possession of her kids.

The Hindi cinema industry has created some of the best films about mothers, with fierce characters who will do anything for their kids, from the time of Nargis to the present.

Let’s examine the great on-screen mothers whose compelling representations transcended stereotypes. Women who were elevated to a pedestal are now angry, resentful, and authentic.

1. Sridevi in Mom

Sridevi played MOM, one of the most recognisable on-screen mothers. The protagonist of the film is Devki, a biology instructor whose daughter Aarya attends the same school. When she punishes a group of notorious students for sending her daughter obscene recordings, they subsequently plan to rape her daughter as she is returning from a party at night in retaliation. In the film, Sridevi embarks on a perilous quest for vengeance, where she kills the perpetrators.

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2. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Jazbaa

Jazbaa, which starred Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Late Irrfan Khan, was another gritty drama. The protagonist of the story is a single mother and upright lawyer Anuradha, who finds herself in a life-or-death scenario after her daughter Sanaya is abducted. Her defence of a rapist named Miyaaz Shaikh is then demanded of her by the kidnapper. Due to a lack of proof, Anuradha can free Niyaaz on bail and accuses Mahesh and Sam of being involved in the murder, ending Mahesh’s political career.

3. Tabu in Drishyam

In the Drishyam series, Tabu played another significant and captivating mother figure on film. The first segment featured her as a cop who spends the entire film pursuing vengeance for the loss of her son but is unsuccessful in doing so. In the follow-up, the actress, who is unwilling to give up on the case of her missing kid, reopens it and asks her buddy (Akshay Khanna), a higher-ranking police officer, for assistance.

4. Vidya Balan in Paa

Paa, an emotional film directed by R Balki and starring Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, and Vidya Balan, is about a youngster who has Progeria, a rare and crippling genetic illness. In the movie, Vidya portrays a strong single mother who struggles to raise her child.

5. Revathy in Margarita With a Straw

In the 2014 movie, Kalki Koechlin played a young woman with cerebral palsy who moved to America to pursue her bachelor studies. The smart Revathy, who knows her daughter’s sexual preferences and so helps her find her way in life, plays the role of her mother.

6. Sakshi Tanwar in Mai

Mai, a compelling drama in which a mother attempts to exact revenge on the killer of her daughter by using the law, is a good example of a determined mother who will stop at nothing to protect her child. The actress, unconcerned about her family, leaves on a quest to punish her daughter’s offenders while wearing a suit (cotton) saree and shoes. She goes in search of influential people who wanted her mute daughter to stop speaking, unlike her husband and other family members who accept the police idea. Sakshi fights the powerful mafia with a straight face despite the threats.

About Mrs. Chatterjee vs. Norway

The narrative Rani Mukerji’s Mrs. Chatterjee vs. Norway is based on the infamous dispute between an Indian couple and the Norwegian government over the custody of two children, which shocked the globe. On March 17, this year, the upcoming movie is scheduled for the premiere.

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