Check how to get success in exams according to Vastu

Vastu Tips: Everyone believes in the importance and power of Vastu. Every room in a house has a certain orientation, according to Vastu, the science of auspicious directions, house lords, and Gods.

Vastu is more than just luck, money, and banishing negativity and bad eyes, unlike what most people believe. Vastu shastra is very important for both academic pursuits and professional endeavours.

There are specific Vastu suggestions for acing tests. The advice can assist pupils in achieving academic success if it is strictly complied with. Some Vastu advice might also help pupils concentrate and focus more on their academic work.

This article on Vastu’s recommendations for success in studies is a must-read if you have children at home or are seeking to pass a higher exam to get into prominent universities. Jump in!

Best Directions for Success in Different Subjects as per Vastu

Success on various exams is correlated with distinct house directions. In the parts that follow, we have a list of the specifics. Look at this:

Direction for Mathematics and Accounting 

It’s common knowledge that you should sit with your back to the North while preparing for a math exam.

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Direction to Study Physics and Architecture 

You must face South while studying if you are a student of either of these topics.

Direction to Study Psychology 

Southwest is considered to be the lucky direction for students preparing for a psychology exam, according to Shastra.

Direction for Science 

During the study, students who are getting ready for biology or chemistry tests should look towards the southeast.

Direction to Study Hindi and Sanskrit 

Students preparing for the Hindi exam should face the northeast when studying, per shastra. Those who intend to take a Sanskrit exam should also face the northeast.

Direction for Students of History and English 

It will be successful if you study history and English while looking southwest.

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