Canvassing within public establishments prohibited - Elections Chief

Elections Commissioner General Saman Sri Rathnayaka in a circular bearing reference LAE/2023/36 has reminded all heads of public institutions, public servants, all politicians, political activists and trade union activists that it is prohibited to canvass or distribute hand bills or do any  such other activity or to conduct meetings in any public or provincial council office or any government school or any Local Government office or in any institution belonging to any state corporation or statutory board for and on behalf of any candidate contesting the local authorities election.

The circular further draws the attention of all heads of public institutions to paragraphs 2:4 and 2:5 of Chapter XXXII of the Establishment Code and the contents of the Gazette Extraordinary No.2313132 dated 04.01.2023 issued by the Election Commission in terms of Article 104 B (4) (a) of the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka to prevent the misuse of movable or immovable properties belonging to the State, State Corporations or Statutory Boards during the period of an election for the promotion of or in prejudice to any party, group or candidate or obstructing the conduct of a free and fair election.



by Daily News Sri Lanka

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