Britain MP warns citizen using Tik tok, says App breach Data Privacy

Tiktok : ever since Tik Tok was banned in India, it often faces heat in western countries. Now,  In Britain The head of an influential parliamentary committee warned people not to use Tik Tok. He said the Chinese social media app breaches the data security norms.

China launched Tik Tok for a reason

Talking to a local news channel, Conservative party deputy Alicia Kearns says  ” China has this app for a reason…,” she further said “ data of people is a key vulnerability and China is building a tech- dominance state on the back of data. So, as a responsible citizen, we have to protect our data.”

Kearns also referred to the recent incident in which the United States shot down a Chinese balloon near the Atlantic coast. though China has denied US allegations.

Kearns said “My bigger concern is data penetration through Chinese companies. I do have concern,  the way Beijing is using that data to intimidate people who sought refuge in the UK and around the Globe”.

Kearns is longtime critic of China

Kearns is considered a long-term critic of China’s intelligence policy and activities and she always says this kind of act is abuse of technology. 

Million of People Trust us: TikTok

A Tik Tok spokesman replied to Kearns’s allegations, he says “TikTok is enjoying the trust of millions of people across the UK, and we have already said  that people can trust us with their data.

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