Board Exams 2023: 5 simple strategies to score more than 90% marks

Board Exams 2023: Exams, whether for college admission, graduate school, or even school, can be a big source of stress. According to numerous surveys, the CBSE board exams—which are often regarded as the most significant exam for high school students—have a significant impact on student’s mental health. Continue reading if you or someone you know will be taking their CBSE board test in the upcoming school year. 

In addition to studying hard, understanding, and remembering everything, the key to performing well on examinations is the ability to study strategically and effectively, so that your efforts essentially translate into excellent performance. The CBSE 10th and 12th-grade examinations will start on February 15, 2023, respectively.

Board Exams 2023: 5 simple strategies

We have made an effort to compile some preparatory advice that will help you succeed on your forthcoming board exam.

 1. Follow a proper schedule

Sleep early, rise early, eat a healthy breakfast, and then study. Stay up late and try not to think about unproductive things; you can handle this. Instead, focus on getting ready for the big day. Take an hour or two to unwind and stop worrying about the tests. You can read, sleep, play, or do anything else you believe will keep your mind off the tests.

2. Don’t have too much on your plate

Avoid overusing your brain by giving it useful mental exercise rather than a lot of ideas. Be objective and avoid putting pressure on yourself to handle issues that are outside of your capacity.

Set attainable goals for the day. Even Rome wasn’t constructed overnight. Don’t go overboard. Try not to attempt to complete your studies in one day. Consider going slowly and allocating your revision in that manner.

Instead of skimming 8–10 themes from the 5–6 subjects, choose 2–3 subjects, focus on one–two topics from each, and delve deeply into those topics.

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3. Mix and match

Make a solid daily plan. While studying, it’s crucial to have all the necessary components, much like a good meal. Don’t overload yourself with topics you find tough or don’t take on all the simple subjects/topics in one day. To get the most out of your “study day,” start with a light subject for about an hour, then go on to a heavier subject or topic once you’ve warmed up.

Increase your level of preparation gradually while studying for about two hours. For instance, if you find English easy but Mathematics challenging, begin your study day by reading a chapter or two from your English NCERT literary textbook.

After finishing English, spend two hours working on a math problem progressively make the questions you tackle tougher. Once you have finished this exercise, take a little pause before continuing with a subject you are generally familiar with.

4. Solve sample papers

The adage “match practise is the best practise” is frequently used. Every day, preferably from 10 AM to 1 PM, solve one CBSE sample question paper in a setting as similar to your test centre as possible. Once you’ve finished the assignment, grade yourself according to the CBSE marking policy.

Choose a distinct topic for each of the five or six days. At the end of the week, evaluate your performance, identify your weak areas, and work to improve them in the next weeks. Be sure to complete the CBSE-provided sample papers when completing them. The CBSE papers are the most accurate replicas of the real thing that are now available to you.

One of the finest strategies to study for tests is to attempt sample questions.

5. Practice the art of relaxation

Concentration is enhanced by both exercise and meditation. Many professional athletes and players themselves often use meditation techniques. Studies have shown a direct link between concentration exercises (such as meditation) and athletes’ performance levels.

Through meditation, the mind is strengthened, brought under control, and able to successfully guide the physical body in carrying out all of its tasks. Exercises that strengthen the mind and improve concentration are known as psychological exercises.

So, before you begin studying, take a walk in the park early in the morning or meditate for 15 minutes while performing yoga poses like the Lotus Pose.

You can improve your focus and mental clarity by practising yoga and other forms of exercise and meditation.

So, after all, is said and done, the last month is crucial for everyone. Those who are in fourth gear in their preparation can still improve it by shifting it into overdrive, and those who are having second thoughts can still do so by concentrating on their areas of weakness while also focusing on their areas of strength. The goal of a student during this period should be to perform to the best of his/her abilities while also focusing on maintaining his/her health.

According to Lord Krishna, “Karmaanye Vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana, Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhurmatey Sangostva Akarmani,” you should focus on giving your best effort while being less concerned with the outcome.

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