Bhang Ki Chutney: Make cannabis chutney in just 10 minutes, know the recipe

Bhang Ki Chutney: Whether the chutney is made of green coriander or mint or any other vegetable, any boring food becomes delicious with it. Today we have brought for you one such delicious chutney recipe which is prepared with sour tomatoes.

Actually, we are going to tell the recipe of bhang ki chutney with which the taste of any boring food can be enhanced. It takes only 10 minutes to make Bhang Ki Chutney Making Process. Let us tell you the method of making hemp chutney.

Bhang Ki Chutney: Ingredients

Bhang (50 grams)
Tomato (2)
Dry Red Chilli (2)
salt to taste
water as required


To make this, you will need the middle of bhang. Now place a pan on the gas and roast the hemp seeds till they turn brown. After this, turn off the gas and keep the hemp seeds in a plate to cool down. If you want to increase the taste of the chutney, then grind the chutney on a sieve.

However, if you do not have a cob mill, you can also grind hemp seeds in a grinder. For this, you have to add hemp seeds, some water, dry red chillies and tomatoes and grind them. Grind it like a sauce and take it out in a bowl. Now add salt according to your taste in it. In this way the bhang chutney will be ready.

You can serve it with dal-rice, pakoras, parathas etc. Bhang chutney is also beneficial for your health.

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