Bajre Ka Kheech: Eating millet porridge in winter will give these benefits

Bajre Ka Kheech: If you are also very conscious about your health and always take nutritious food, then it is a very good thing. There is no dearth of food in the winter season and you get to eat all kinds of dishes.

But have you ever eaten millet porridge in this cold, if not, then let us tell you today the recipe for millet porridge rich in nutrients, eating which will improve your health as well as change your taste?

Bajra Kheech is one of the famous dishes of Rajasthan and it is loved not only by Rajasthanis but also by people from other places. Bajra Kheech is very easy to make and does not take much time to prepare. So let’s know how to make instant bajra kheech.

Bajre Ka Kheech: Ingredients

Millet – 2 bowls,

Moth lentils – half a bowl,

Moong lentils – half a bowl,

Salt – as per taste


To make bajra khich, you must first soak the bajra lightly (wet the bajra lightly). After this keep it to soak for 20-25 minutes and then see that it has puffed up.

Also soak other pulses as well. After this, grind it coarsely in the mixie and put it in a utensil and beat it, so that its extra peel comes out. After this, grind it again in the mixie and make it fine.

After this, take 2-3 glasses of water in a pan and let it boil, after the water starts boiling, put a little millet in it and keep stirring it. After this, add other pulses to it, which are already soaked for 10 minutes and keep stirring it, so that it mixes well.

After this cover it and cook on low flame. After this, turn off the gas and add salt according to your taste. After this, you put desi ghee on it and jaggery on it. So your bajra khich is ready, you can now serve it to eat.

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