Bajra Laddu Recipe: Eat millet laddus to avoid health issues, recipe here

Bajra Laddu Recipe: These days no one knows when the mood of the weather will change, sometimes cold winds, sometimes strong sunlight, sometimes cloudy. Every time the weather is ready to change its color. That’s why the risk of getting sick is also high in this season and you need to take special care.

If you do not take care in this season, then you may have to face many serious diseases. That’s why today we have brought you the recipe of Bajra Ladoo, which gives you many benefits and is also effective for your health. So let’s know, the method of making millet ladoo.

Bajra Laddu Recipe: Ingredients

Millet flour, Ghee, Dry fruits, Jaggery, Sesame (Take all the ingredients according to your need, as much as you want to make laddoos.)


To make Bajra Laddu, you have to first roast it and mix it with dry fruits, ghee and jaggery. After this, grind this mixture finely. After this, mix some sesame seeds in it and keep the remaining sesame seeds separately, so that they can be used later.

After this, you have to mix this mixture well and then take it out in a separate plate and then start making its laddus. After this, prepare all the laddus like this and then after some time keep them in a box. You can eat ready laddoos in breakfast. Also, you can eat it with milk at night.

Note: This recipe of millet is very effective, it will be better for your health and for you. Also, it takes less time to make it, so you can make it easily.

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