Amami brand founder Ranil de Silva celebrates 3 decades of excellence in business

The founder of the Amami brand of Hotel Supplies and the pioneer in the production of amenities exclusively for tourist hotels in Sri Lanka,Ranil de Silva celebrates three decades of success in the industry at the Amami factory complex in Kadawatha recently

Ranil de Silva said: “Managing, developing and sustaining a business during a 30 year period in a country like Sri Lanka with its inconsistent policies and volatile financial environments is a tough task. It is both challenging and mentally straining as a local manufacturer to compete with cheap imported products being brought into the country. However, we are determined to maintain our quality and consistency and not compromise the quality of our products for the benefit of our clients and consumers who are the backbone of our Company. It is an absolute shame that consecutive governments have failed in their duty to safeguard local manufacturers in halting the cheap import of products from other countries in boosting local produce and local industry as a whole. It is prudent to mention that it was my wife, Dr. Priyani De Silva who was the driving force behind my success. It is my fervent wish that my children, Harshala and Ranuka, who now run business operations while I consult, face a more stable and secure environment in the future in their endeavour to steer the Company to greater heights. My immense gratitude must be extended to all our loyal customers and clients for their continued patronage which has been the pedestal of growth and sustainability and of course to my staff for their unstinted support and hard work which has contributed to me driving the business forward steadily forward.”

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