All students to receive school uniforms this year

Education Minister Dr.Susil Premajayantha said all students will receive their school uniform materials on time as scheduled.

The Minister stated this while participating in the inaugural programme held yesterday for the distribution of uniforms materials under the government programme of providing free uniforms to school students for academic year 2023  at the Sapugaskanda warehouse complex.

The Minister said that the Chinese government, which had initially agreed to provide 50 per cent of the school uniform materials as a grant this year, has responded positively to the request made by him after becoming the Education Minister and increased the grant to 70 per cent.

The first part of the Chinese donation was received in Sri Lanka a month ago.

The remaining 30 per cent of the uniforms will be procured from local suppliers and the rest of the uniforms from China will be distributed to North-West, Central, South and Western provinces.

The Ministry has planned to complete the distribution of these uniforms before the commencement of the next school term in March. Accordingly 24 types of uniform materials required for government schools, government aided schools and Pirivenas are distributed promptly.

As in the previous years, the entire requirement of uniforms will be met without any deficit and the total cost is 7.8 billion rupees including the uniform grant of 5.5 billion rupees received from China.

The Minister noted that people should understand that the government’s tax money is spent on all these tasks such as providing printed text books, uniforms, health facilities and many more.

Giving further comments, the Minister said that together with local and foreign organizations, the amount of school lunch program is increased to 51 per cent because the government is well aware of the economic difficulties that the people are suffering from. He said that he is confident that the government can get out of this economic crisis quickly by getting the support of other countries and that every effort is being made in this regard.

Chinese Ambassador in Sri Lanka Qi Zhenghong and Education State Minister Arvind Kumar and other officials participated in the event.



by Daily News Sri Lanka

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