Alexander Skarsgard Goofs Off at Infinity Pool Premiere Event, Spins, Lies Facedown on Red Carpet

One of the toughest parts of an actor’s jobs can be the grueling tour they go on to promote the film ahead of its release — unless you’re Alexander Skarsgård, who’s been having a blast.

The “True Blood” alum was alongside his “Infinity Pool” co-star Mia Goth and writer/director Brandon Cronenberg for the film’s premiere at the 73rd Berlinale International Film Festival and he was giving his all (you can see all the pics below).

He cut a rug by twirling around to show off his suit, but apparently he used up all his red carpet energy with those moves. Within a few moments, he was facedown on the rug, or red carpet, creating an unexpected and funny photo opp.

Cronenberg and Skarsgård’s co-stars piled in around him to create what could go down as one of the greatest red carpet photos of all time. Certainly if we were Skarsgård, this would be the one to hang above the mantel!

He and Goth were also captured smiling together at times, but just as often mugging for the cameras by pulling faces and making one another laugh. It was a fun departure to the usual premiere pictures of celebrities trying to look flawless in every shot.

Skarsgård’s tone is a stark contrast to the tone of the film, though perhaps the perfect response to it. “Infinity Pool” follows Skarsgård’s James Foaster, a writer, and his wife Em (Cleopatra Coleman) as they embark on an all-inclusive island vacation.

Things take a turn when a fatal accident reveals the seedy underbelly of the island nation’s bizarre laws and hedonistic underbelly, immersing the unsuspecting couple in a dark world of perversion, violence and horror.

The film is unflinching in showing all of these things, too, including a graphic sex scene with Goth’s free-spirited actress and tour guide Gabi that exposes Alexander Skarsgård’s manhood in its entirety, and includes a climax. But that’s just the tip of its depravity.

Perhaps a single quote from Skarsgård can sum up the bizarre, surrealistic film better than any description. “Fighting a naked version of myself to the death and then being breastfed by Mia … that’s not something you get to do very often as an actor,” he said, per The Daily Mail.

Originally rated NC-17 for all of the above and more, the film was re-edited to land at a hard-R rating. The film had its world premiere January 27 at the Sundance Film Festival.

You can check out all the craziness at the “Infinity Pool” premiere event below.

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