AIA partners Lanka Alzheimer’s Foundation in support of raising awareness

AIA Insurance is happy to partner Lanka Alzheimer’s foundation in raising awareness on Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. Sri Lanka is one of the fastest growing ageing populations in the Asian region and studies have estimated the rise in dementia cases to increase to almost half a million of the population by the year 2050. As a responsible corporate that aims to help communities live healthier, longer and better lives, AIA Insurance understands the risk of such diseases. To this end, AIA Insurance made a donation to LAF and extended their support to raise awareness on early detection and preventive measures of Alzheimer’s. This societal support is one amongst many contributions AIA has carried out and the company remains steadfast in their commitment towards the nation, the community and society at large.

LAF is the only organisation dedicated to advocating and addressing the needs of those diagnosed with cognitive impairment and dementia in Sri Lanka.

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