3.4 foot groom marries 3 foot bride in UP’s Alighar

Uttar Pradesh: A couple from UP’s Aligarh Imran and Khushboo got married recently. They are now going viral on the internet from Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh. It is not a royal wedding, but rather a physical similarity as both of them suffer from dwarfism.

Imran’s height was becoming an obstacle in his marriage. The family was also worried about how he would get a partner and settle down. Khushboo, who is only 4 inches shorter than Imran, was eventually found by his family.

Imran is the youngest of seven siblings

Imran, a resident of Aligarh, is the youngest of seven siblings in his family. All the brothers and sisters are married. Imran lives with his mother, Birjis. He supports his mother by working in a hotel in Dodhpur.

Mother found a bride for her son.

Imran’s mother was concerned about her son’s impending marriage. She used to think they should be settled before her death. Because of his physical appearance, she had requested that many people get married with him. Meanwhile, he came to know about Khushboo, who lived in Patwari Nagla, Bhagwan Gadi.

His mother went to meet the girl. After seeing her, she immediately agreed to the marriage. Khushboo’s family was also concerned about her marriage, but when they learned about Imran, they too said yes right away.

A marriage took place on Sunday.

Last Sunday, Imran and Khushboo married each other and took blessings from his mother. Amir Rashid, who lives in the neighborhood, said that this is the true example. “Made in Haven.”

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