Youth who reported Beliatta PS chairman’s theft attacked

The young man who lodged a complaint regarding the theft of 11 GI pipes belonging to the community water project, by the Beliatta Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman Cyril Munasinghe (58) and his brother Piyadasa Munasinghe (67) after which they were arrested has been hospitalized for treatment as he was beaten up by the chairman’s son.

The Beliatta Police stated that the attack took place day before yesterday (31) in response to an inquiry made in this regard.

The Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of Matara and Hambantota Mahesh Senaratne said the son of the Beliatta Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman is also in hospital claiming that he was assaulted and both are warded at the Beliatta hospital.

The Beliatta Pradeshiya Sabha chairman and his brother were arrested by the police on December 28. Based on a complaint regarding a loading of 11 GI pipes which had been broken into two pieces each. Police said that the complainant is a relative of the chairman. On 27th night, when an attempt had been made to take away the G.I. pipes, villagers had blocked the lorry’s path and informed the police about it. Accordingly, when the police went there and checked, the chairman and his brother had not been there.

The lorry which was prevented from leaving by villagers had been brought to the Police Station together with the stock of pipes in it.

The chairman and his brother had come to the police station on 28 and surrendered. There they were arrested and remanded until tomorrow (3) after being produced at the Tangalle court.

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