Yoga: Want to get rid of gas-acidity? then follow these steps

Yoga For Gas Problems: Many people are very troubled by gas and acidity during the winter season. In fact, during the winter season, everyone consumes a lot of tea and coffee and eats heavy foods along with it. Hot pakodas, parathas and samosas etc. are very good to eat with tea and coffee in winter, but they also put us into many kinds of problems.

Actually, when the cells of our body are not able to keep pace with the food eaten, then there is a problem of indigestion. Which turns into other problems like ulcer, constipation, stomach infection. Apart from this, people who regularly consume medicines can also have gas problems. Apart from this, people who consume more cigarettes, alcohol etc. or eat junk food, then those people also get this problem. Come, today we will tell you how this problem can be overcome through Yogasana.


Explain that Ardhamatsyendrasana proves to be very effective in diabetes as well as in gas and acidity. This puts pressure on the stomach due to which the gas is easily released. Also detoxes the body. It also increases the circulation of blood in the internal organs of the abdomen.


Balasana is such an asana which is very easy to do and also has many benefits. If you want to get rid of gas and acidity, then you can do this asana. With this asana, the abdominal organs are massaged, which improves digestion and also strengthens the internal organs. Stress also stays away from the practice of Balasana.

Downward facing dog

By doing the downward facing dog, the problem of gas and acidity goes away. This posture puts pressure on the stomach due to which gas is released, as well as the supply of oxygen in the stomach is also done properly.


Vajrasana is an easy asana that you can do anytime. Especially when you eat food, immediately after that, if you sit in Vajrasana for 3-4 minutes, then you can stay away from many problems related to digestion. This asana increases blood circulation in the stomach and intestine and also helps in proper digestion of food.


Margariyasan is very beneficial in getting rid of gas. By doing this asana, the digestive organs are massaged and the circulation of blood is also done there properly. Due to which there is relief from gas as well as acidity.

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