Winter Hair Care: Remedies for dry and lifeless hair, check

Winter Hair Care: In winter, hair becomes dry and lifeless. Actually the wind blowing in winter is not good for the hair, it makes your hair tangled and dry. That’s why there is a need to take extra care of the hair in the winter season. Dandruff in the head in winter is a major problem that most of the people are troubled by. Due to dandruff, the hair roots become weak and hair fall starts. If you want to make your hair soft and shiny, then take good care of your hair. Come, today we will tell you how to take care of hair in winter.

1 Keep hair covered

When you go out of the house, tie a cap or scarf to protect your hair from the dry winter winds. Because dry air has a bad effect on the hair. That’s why hair doesn’t get damaged or tangled when you come out covered.

2 Apply oil

Hair becomes dry in the winter season. Therefore, at least once in this season, apply oil to the hair 1 hour before washing the head. This will nourish the hair and the hair will not become lifeless. For best results, take lukewarm oil and massage with it.

3. Deep condition the hair

Hair needs deep conditioning in the winter season. That’s why in this season, apply an egg mask to the hair once a week. If you cannot apply eggs, then do get a spa done once a month.

4. Wash hair with lukewarm water

Bathing in winters is also very less, and if asked to wash hair with cold water in extreme cold, then it becomes a matter of great difficulty. But let us tell you that hair should always be washed with lukewarm water. Washing hair with very hot water spoils it.

5 trim the hair

Trim the hair once every 2-3 months. This removes the problem of split ends and improves the texture of the hair. And the hair looks good too.

6 Use Serum

Hair becomes dry and tangled in winter, so use good conditioner while washing hair and apply serum after washing hair. Due to this, the hair will neither get tangled nor will it look dry.

7. Do not wash hair for 7 days

Hair should not be washed daily in winter, by doing this the natural oil of the hair ends and they start to look lifeless. Actually, many types of chemicals are found in shampoos, which have a bad effect on the hair due to excessive use.

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