Winter Chaap Recipe: Enjoy Masala and Kurkuri Chaap without going out in cold

Winter Chaap Recipe: When it comes to Indian street food, you can have a lot of options. And not only this, we also make some new dishes from time to time with our experiments. This keeps the items on the street food menu growing. Now Winter chaap recipe is attracting the attention of many. Made from soya seeds, this dish is eaten in different flavours, such as spicy, crunchy and creamy chaap. You will easily find raw soya chaap at any dairy shop or other local shops. So if you also want to make some delicious soya chaap at your home, then today we have brought some such delicious recipes for you, which you can easily make at home.

Soybean is known for its many benefits. It’s high on nutrition and may lower blood pressure, improve blood vessel health, bone health, and more. So, along with their benefits, we bring you some delicious soya chaap recipes.

Winter Chaap Recipe

Masala chaap

This chaap recipe is rich in spices and tangy in taste. First fry the pieces of chaap and then marinate them by adding curd, red chili powder, coriander powder, chaat masala, black pepper and a little turmeric. Mix them well and leave it for some time. Then fry these chap pieces and serve with chutney.

Soya chaap curry

This dish is full of buttery and spicy flavours. It will melt in your mouth at the very first taste. First, it is grilled in a tandoor and then slow-cooked in a tangy and spicy tomato gravy.

Creamy Soya Chaap

We all love something creamy and cheesy that fills our mouth with a silky texture and bursts with flavor at the very first bite. And trust us, this creamy soya chaap is just that. Loaded with butter, spices, cream, and yogurt, this dish is made in a jiffy!

Kurkuri Chaap

If you like crispy and tangy things, then make this crispy chaap. To make this dish, you must first marinate the raw chap with curd and spices. Then dip it in some cornflakes and fry till golden brown. After this serve with delicious sour tomato chutney and green chutney.

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