Wife kills husband with axe on denying meet with boyfriend

New Delhi: It is said that the relationship between husband and wife is pious. The picture of how weak this relationship can become has come to the fore from Lakhimpur in UP. Here a wife killed her own husband as she loved another man. The husband was murdered in such a brutal manner that your soul will tremble upon hearing it. The wife killed her husband with an axe to get the support of her lover.

This is what happened

The case has emerged from Buddhi Purva village of Nighasan Kotwali area of Lakhimpur Kheri. Here, a 28-year-old man named English was missing for 11 days. People informed the police about the strange smell coming from the road along the Singahi and Nighasan link road. When the excavation was done there, the dead body of the missing person was found with the neck sliced off from the body. It was found in the identification that the dead body was of the missing individual. The police has now started investigating the matter.

Wife killed husband with an axe

The suspicion of the police went to English’s wife Julie. Following which she was taken into custody and then interrogated. During interrogation, Julie broke down and spilled the whole truth. Hearing the confession the police personnel were shocked.

She confessed that she has a boyfriend. The husband came to know about him. He used to prevent her from meeting him. The wife, however, conspired with the lover to kill him. She killed her husband by chopping him with an axe. After this the dead body was buried on the roadside.

Why are relationships breaking up

The family members of the victim are not convinced that the daughter-in-law of her house killed their son. Although, this is not the first case where a woman killed her husband. In some cases the husband kill his wife. So the wife took the life of the husband in love with someone else. If there is no love and trust left in the relationship then leave or break it. But taking someone’s life like this is a sin. Every human being should understand this thing.

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