Video: ‘Should I kill my kids?,’ asks Pakaistani mother who can’t afford kids’ medicines

Pakistan Economic Crisis: The trumbling economy in Pakistan has made the grocery list shorter yet unaffordable as described by a mother in viral video who broke down while telling that her kid is sick and she cannot buy even essentials.

In the viral video, a woman named Rubia told that her kid is diagnosed with epilepsy and the goevrnment has made medicines too costly that she asked ‘should I stop giving the kid required treatment?’

Rubina showed her over-budget grocery bill which did not contain essentials like wheat flour, sugar, ghee and pulses were not included. She said, “I did not make any extravagant expense. What should I do? Kill my kids?”

The woman went on to share her electricty bill which costed over 15,000 for 556 units despite a major powercut in area usually. She informed that she lives in a rented house on Rs 20,000 per month.

Sobbing in the viral video, the woman asked what they shall do. Either to pay bills or taxes tio fill ‘pockets of politicians’.

The woman further courted Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz asking them if they do not fear god. The woman, in a heavy heart, asked what they should do if they cannot feed an egg cost Rs. 20 to their children.

“बच्चों को क्या मैं भूखा मार दूं?”

◆ पाकिस्तान में आर्थिक हालात से परेशान एक महिला का Video आया सामने

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— News24 (@news24tvchannel) January 29, 2023

On Sunday, the Pakistan goverment jacked up prices of petrol and diesel. Union Finance Minister Ishaq Dar announced that the petrol will be Rs 249.80 per litre and diesel could be purchased on Rs 262.80 per litre.

Recently the finance minister held Allah responsible of rescuing Pakistan is in the hands of Allah. “Allah created Pakistan. Allah is responsible for Pakistan’s economy.”

He also blamed the previous government of derailing the country’s economy during their regiment.

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