Vastu Tips: Check which direction is best for study table at home as per Vaastu

Vastu Tips: Vastu Shastra guidelines are strictly adhered to while purchasing and positioning furniture in many Indian homes. Understanding the ideal direction for study tables is crucial, among other reasons. According to the ancient Indian science of architecture, positioning it correctly can promote the flow of positive energy and improve its utilisation.

You can discover the ideal study table orientation in this post, along with other study table usage advice. After reading this article, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the numerous advantages of having a study table at the optimal location at home.

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Why choose the right direction for Study Table at Home? 

Let’s first discuss the advantages of positioning the study table in the Vastu Shastra-recommended direction before discussing the optimal direction for a study table.

One of the key advantages of positioning the study table correctly is that it fosters an atmosphere conducive to concentration on the task at hand.
It increases one’s capacity for information retention and memorization.
Students’ all-around performance improves dramatically.
Additionally, it lessens tension, worry, and apprehension before exams.
Students experience increased self-assurance and test-taking readiness.
If you set up your study table in the proper Vastu direction, your grades will probably get better over time.

The direction which should be avoided 

The orientations that should be avoided while setting a study table are east of the southeast, east of the northeast, south of southwest, north of northwest, west or northwest, and south. According to Vastu Shastra, these directions are bad for studying and should be avoided. Studying in these areas can make it difficult to focus and comprehend. It is claimed to hurt a student’s academic performance.

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