Tech tips: Here’s how to add alt text to Instagram posts

New Delhi: Alt Text of Instagram is a short description to explain the post of an Instagram. This can include photos or videos. The full form of Alt Text is “alternative text”. This text is shown to you even when an image takes a long time to load. Although Instagram creates automatic alt text for posts, the text generated by Instagram does not always explain the picture properly. In this case, it is better to write your own Instagram alt text.

Why is Instagram alt text important?

Instagram alt text is important because it improves accessibility on the platform. According to the World Health Organization, there are 1 billion people worldwide who have moderate to severe vision impairment. In such a situation, alt text can be very useful for them.

Instagram’s algorithm

In addition to increasing accessibility, Instagram alt text also increases the reach of your posts through SEO. Instagram’s algorithm notices the words that you have used in your posts. After this, it delivers your content to the audience interested in it. This can also increase your followers and likes.

How to add alt text to your Instagram posts?

Select your photo. Edit it if you want, but stop before posting.
To go to the next page, click on the tick mark at the top right corner. Here you will see the option of advanced setting at the bottom. Click on it.
Here you will get the option of Alt Text. Fill it up. Fill it as a short decryption of your post.

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