Tandoori Coffee Recipe: Make tandoori coffee at home without tandoor

Tandoori Coffee Recipe: Like tea lovers, coffee lovers are also many. Consuming coffee for them day or night is like a booster. It is not only difficult but impossible to start each day without Coffee Recipe. If you are also such a coffee lover and like to taste different types of Hot Drink Recipes, then this special coffee recipe can be useful for you.

Like Tandoori Chai, Smoked Coffee Recipe i.e. Tandoori Coffee is also popular among people these days. It is not necessary that you have a tandoor to make it, if you want, you can prepare tandoori coffee at home by following some recipes and tips. Let us tell you about the recipe of Tandoori Coffee which can be prepared in a few minutes.

Tandoori Coffee Recipe: Ingredients

coffee powder
hazelnut powder
chocolate powder
chocolate chips


First of all take a small grinder.
Add coffee, sugar and some hot water to it.
Blend it together until a creamy froth is formed.
Once done, add chocolate or hazelnut powder to it.
Blend it once again.
After this, boil milk in a pan.
Put the blended coffee in it and boil it.
Now take an ax and keep it on the gas and roast it.
After this put the boiled coffee in it.
In this way, tandoori coffee will be made at home without tundar.
You can add hazelnut powder or coffee powder or any topping of your choice to this tandoori coffee. If you want to make coffee more delicious and chocolaty, then you can also add chocolate or choco chips to it.

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