Street food lovers: Make perfect Aloo Tikki at home, learn tips & tricks here

Street food lovers: Aloo tikki is special for many foodies. Tikki is present in almost every event in India and eaten with great interest. Street-style tikki can be made at home whenever you want.

Serve it as a tangy chaat, enjoy it as a crunchy patty in your burger or simply have it with a hot cup of tea with a pinch of chaat masala, Aloo Tikki works magic with almost everyone.

The ingredients used in Aloo Tikki are readily available in the Indian kitchen – it is usually laced with potatoes, bread crumbs, green peas, chickpeas, spices and herbs. A favourite among kids and adults alike, it is often served with chutney or sauce. Whereas, making perfect crispy aloo tikkis can be a difficult task if not done properly. Then this tikki can become wet and sticky.

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Tips and tricks to make the perfect Aloo Tikki

Start With Potatoes: Making perfectly crispy aloo tikkis starts with the right potatoes. It is best to use starchy potatoes as they hold their shape better and absorb less oil. It is also important to boil the potatoes until they are cooked but not too soft.

Mash the potatoes: After boiling the potatoes, they should be mashed until they are smooth and without any lumps. This will ensure that the tikkis retain their shape and do not break while frying.

Add spices: Adding the right spices is essential to give aloo tikki its unique flavour. The combination of coriander powder, cumin powder, garam masala and chaat masala is a great way to give tikkis their distinctive flavour.

Make the patties: Once the potatoes are mashed and the spices are added, it’s time to make the patties. It is important to shape the patties into thick discs as this will help them retain their shape while frying.

Fry the patties: To make perfect potato tikkis, it is necessary to fry them in hot oil. This will ensure that the outside is crisp and golden brown while the inside is soft and fluffy.

Serve hot: Now serve Aloo Tikki hot. Tikki will remain crispy if eaten early.

These tips and tricks are sure to help you make the perfect aloo tikki. So, the next time you are in the mood to munch on some delicious aloo tikkis, just follow these simple steps, and you will have a delicious snack in no time.

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