Solo Trips 2023: Check out perfect countries to travel alone

Solo Trips 2023: Are you the type of person that enjoys creating their own travel plans, despises the iteration that comes with travelling with others or a group, enjoys travelling at your whim, and is content travelling alone? If so, make a note of these locations on your travel itinerary since they are stunning, secure, simple to visit, and host some of the world’s friendliest people.

5 Best Countries for Solo Trips 2023


One of the simplest destinations to travel alone is the Netherlands. If you schedule your vacation around April, you’ll have the chance to explore beautiful tulip fields, ride a bike through Amsterdam, and more. If it’s your first solo trip and you don’t like the notion of staying at a hotel alone, there are plenty of hostels you can choose from, and the locals are pleasant.


Austria is the country you should visit if you enjoy the arts and culture, especially if you are travelling alone because it is simple to get around, the people are kind, and there are lots of young people in the area. The location is excellent for adventure sports as well.


Mexico has been a longtime romantic destination for lone travellers, and for good reason too. Here, it’s simple to go backpacking by yourself and have an unforgettable experience. Mexico offers it all: a highly rich culture, delectable cuisine, some of the best travel experiences in the world, and friendly people.


Scotland’s natural beauty is unrivalled. And if it were up to me, I’d like to enjoy Scotland’s beauty on my own terms and at my own leisure rather than with others. It really is that lovely and welcoming. The inhabitants are especially delightful because of their Scottish humour. Additionally, it is a highly safe location for solitary exploration and solo vacation celebration.

New Zealand

If you want to enjoy the great outdoors while travelling alone, pick New Zealand. This place’s cliff-side scenery will wow you. Discover fjords, rainforests, whale watching, and more while in New Zealand. New Zealand has also been rated as the world’s safest nation for women in a number of polls.

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