Police officers disguised as buyers arrest three people

Three people including a retired soldier who were planning to sell an ancient casket and an inscription said to have been obtained from a treasure in Teldeniya area for Rs.30 million were arrested by officers of the Police Central Anti-Corruption Unit in Panadura Walana.  

The raid was carried out by Police officers disguised as buyers in a car park of a famous tourist hotel located in Kalutara North Police Division.

The raid was conducted following information about the individuals trying to sell these ancient treasures.

Police officers had arrested the three people when they came to the hotel car park to sell the ancient casket and the inscription.

“During the inspection of their luggage, a number of other items were found in addition to the items brought for sale,” Police said.

Police had found items believed to be made of gold and others studded with coloured stones which could be gems and several other ancient artifacts. Police are further investigating.



by dailynews sri lanka

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