PAN-Aadhaar Linking: Government issues last warning; defaulters will face THESE problems

Aadhar-PAN card linking: The Income Tax Department has issued a warning for those individuals who have not linked their Aadhaar cards with their Permanent Account Numbers (PAN). According to the recent tweet from the government, the PAN cards of people, who have not link their PAN cards to their Aadhaar cards, will be invalid after March 31st. If you are also among those who have not linked PAN to Aadhaar card then be alert and link your PAN to Aadhar card.

Most PAN card holders have already made the connection between their Aadhaar and PAN. On April 1, their PAN cards will no longer be active. The Income Tax Department tweeted a warning to the public on January 17 about it.

According to them, the Income Tax Act of 1961 makes linking Aadhaar with PAN cards necessary for the general public. (Aadhar-PAN card linking)

All important large-scale financial transactions revolve around PAN cards. The PAN card cannot be used for any income tax-related work.

You won’t be able to file your income tax returns if you don’t link your Aadhaar and PAN cards. You won’t be able to purchase mutual funds, stocks, or bank accounts if your PAN isn’t linked. (Aadhar-PAN card linking)

“Before 31.3.2023, all PAN holders who do not fall under the exempt category must link their PAN with Aadhaar in accordance with the Income-tax Act of 1961. The unlinked PAN will stop working on 1.04.2023. Important Notice Don’t wait, link it now! “In a statement, the department claimed.

You must access the income tax department’s e-filing website in order to link your PAN card. The card’s website address is You may easily link your Aadhaar card with your PAN card by going to the link Aadhaar option, entering your information, and entering the captcha code.

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