Pamela Anderson Says Tommy Lee 'Lost It,' Was Wildly Jealous Over Baywatch Costar David Chokachi

More stories from Pamela Anderson’s past are making headlines, as the “Baywatch” star reflects on her life and loves in a new documentary and memoir, as well as interviews in the press about both.

With Anderson’s memoir, “Love, Pamela” and her Netflix documentary, “Pamela: A Love Story,” dropping later this month, The Guardian spoke with Anderson ahead of their January 31 release, where she looked back on her relationship with ex-husband Tommy Lee.

“The love of my life was Tommy. And I know it wasn’t perfect but, you know, no one’s perfect,” she told the outlet. “Oh OK, perfect for me. Two imperfect, crazy people. We made two beautiful babies and so I don’t have any regrets.”

Per The Guardian, Anderson’s diary entries are shared in the doc, including one in which she wrote about Lee’s alleged jealously over her male costars while on “Baywatch.”

“Tommy was so jealous. I thought that’s what love is,” she said, writing, “I had to kiss David Chokachi but I didn’t tell Tommy. He lost it. He trashed my trailer on the set, put his fist through a cabinet. I apologized for not telling him – lying, as he put it – and told him it wouldn’t happen again.”

She wrote that he also crashed his car into the makeup trailer on set, which he visited nearly every day, looking for “wife time.”

Lee was arrested for spousal abuse in 1998 and served four months of a six-month sentence. She divorced him that year, after three years of marriage and two children together.

During their marriage, the pair also had to weather the release of their sex tape, a saga which was recently reevalated in Hulu’s “Pam & Tommy” series with Lily James and Sebastian Stan.

Anderson told The Guardian that the series’ creators never reached out to her about the project, adding she felt “violated” by the show, asking, “How are they allowed to do that?”

“I heard she’d been nominated for an Emmy, but maybe that was a joke,” Anderson said of James’ performance, before adding, “It’s not her fault; it’s a job. But whoever created it – well, it just feels like something else stolen.”

Anderson’s memoir, “Love, Pamela” and her Netflix documentary, “Pamela: A Love Story,” will be released simultaneously on January 31.

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