Pamela Anderson Calls Marriage to Bodyguard Dan Hayhurst a 'Disaster'

Pamela Anderson has a handful of marriages under her belt — and in a new interview, she just referred to one of them as an all out “disaster.”

In 2020, Anderson made headlines when she tied the knot with bodyguard and builder Dan Hayhurst, not long after her split from ex Jon Peters. The duo said “I do” on Christmas Eve 2020, after the pair met during lockdown. He was reportedly her bodyguard and did renovations on her home in Vancouver Island, Canada.

Speaking with Vanity Fair, Anderson admitted that during the pandemic and the house reno she started to “romanticize everything. Everyone was looking good — all the contractors that were here.”

So good, it seems, she married one. “It ended up being a disaster,” she told the publication.

The two got married at Anderson’s Canadian home, with no friends or family present. ‘I’m exactly where I need to be – in the arms of a man who truly loves me,” she told DailyMail at the time.

But it didn’t last and in January 2022, a little more than a year after they got hitched, she confirmed that they split.

In addition to Hayhurst, Anderson was previously married to Tommy Lee — with whom she shares two sons — Kid Rock, Rick Salomon (twice) and Peters, though she claimed they were never even legally married.

Speaking with VF, she said that she decided to be alone after realizing she was a bit of a love addict.

“I’ve learned to try and do this without a life preserver, without having anyone around me to console me. I have to console myself,” she said. “That’s been the hardest part of the journey—to go, I’m okay on my own … with my dogs. I need my dogs. I can’t be that alone.”

“I had this wild, bumpy life and met a lot of interesting people along the way and had a lot of interesting love affairs,” she added. “But I feel like my life is more romantic now than ever. I have dinner for one or with my dogs. I’m the same person with or without somebody. Rose petals in the bathtub, making my own rose oils, making my own candles. I’m kind of crafty all of a sudden.”

Anderson’s memoir, “Love, Pamela” and her Netflix documentary, “Pamela: A Love Story,” will be released simultaneously on January 31.

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