New Chief Marketing Officer at AIA Insurance

AIA Insurance last week announced the appointment of its new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Sasith Bambaradeniya, effective January 2023. He counts over 15 years of experience in marketing, communications, strategic planning and operations leadership and is a proven marketing leader who had spearheaded some notable and award-winning campaigns and disruptive innovation in the local insurance industry. AIA said in a news release.

Commencing his career at the company as a Management Trainee, after which he accrued a unique combination of varied experiences across industries, the most recent being the CMO of Fairfirst Insurance Limited.

“With an appetite for creativity, empathy lead innovation and transformation, he brings to the table a diverse palate of experience and is expected to add flavour to AIA’s leadership and rich talent pool,” the release said.

“Sasith’s forte includes varied portfolios in product management, e-commerce, brand development and communications. He holds an MBA from the Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM), University of Sri Jayewardenepura, and bachelor’s degree in Business, Major in Marketing and Management from the University of Newcastle, Australia,” it added.

AIA’s CEO Chathuri Munaweera said of the appointment, “Sasith is a highly experienced, talented young Marketing leader with a proven track record of building brands while leading successful customer and sales centric approaches to marketing. I am truly pleased that he joins team AIA Sri Lanka and the Executive Committee. With Sasith at the helm of Marketing and supported by our very able Marketing team, AIA will continue to be groundbreaking in brand leadership, unparalleled propositions and transformative marketing.

“I am delighted to join AIA’s strategic journey and growth ambitions” said Sasith, while committing to offer his best to the company; “Having started my career at AIA, it has always had a very special place in my heart as it provided me the ideal launch-pad to accelerate my career aspirations. I am thrilled to be back where it all started. Together with team AIA, I am committed to helping move the business forward and upwards whilst making a meaningful impact on communities across the island.

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