National Popcorn Day: Try these 2 new popcorn recipes, know the method

National Popcorn Day: On hearing the name of popcorn, somewhere one remembers the movie theater, that too because it is considered the best snack at that time. Most people like to eat popcorn in movie theaters. If you want to make it at home too, it can be prepared in just two minutes.

If you also like to make popcorn at home but are bored of eating the same salty taste, today we are going to tell you not just one but two types of popcorn recipes on the occasion of National Popcorn Day. After knowing which you will forget the taste of salted popcorn. From children to elders, this type of popcorn can be liked a lot. Let’s know two new recipes for popcorn.

Chocolate Popcorn Recipe

Kids love chocolate and they are also crazy about popcorn. So you can also make chocolate popcorn for your kids. There is no need for special ingredients (Chocolate Popcorn Ingredients) for this. All you need is 1½ cups of corn, 1/2 cup of grated chocolate, and 4 tablespoons of butter.

To make Chocolate Popcorn, first place a pan on the gas. Put 4 tbsp of butter in it and heat it. After this, put corn in it and cover it to burst. Now mix the grated chocolate on top as well. In this way chocolate popcorn will be ready

Cheese Popcorn Recipe

From children to elders, cheese is liked a lot. If you do not want to make chocolate popcorn, you can make cheese popcorn using cheese. There is no need of special ingredients for this. For this you will need Cheddar cheese powder, 1 cup corn, 1 tbsp butter and salt.

To make Cheese Popcorn, you have to keep a pan on the gas. Now put 1 tbsp butter in it and heat it. After this add corn and cover it. After this, when it becomes corn by bursting, then mix Cheddar cheese powder in it. If you like cheese, you may like cheese popcorn.

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