Minister working to reduce MOP 50 kg bag

The Agriculture Ministry has focused on reducing the price of a 50 kg bag of Muriate of Potash (MOP) by a significant amount to provide relief to the farmers. 

Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera has submitted a Cabinet paper in this regard. He expressed confidence that the Cabinet paper will be presented for discussion next week.

Currently, the price of MOP fertilizers is between Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 20,000.

Also, the Agriculture Department has found that farmers have not taken steps to apply MOP to the paddy fields so far, which is one of the reasons for the disease of yellowing of the paddy that is spreading these days. As of yesterday (24), only 10 percent of the overall amount of Bundi fertilizer (Muriate of Potash MOP) has been sold.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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