Milla Jovovich's Daughter Is Her Clone In New Photoshoot, Reveals Why She Feared Being Replaced In New Peter Pan Movie

Anyone else seeing double?

Ever Anderson, the 15-year-old daughter of Milla Jovovich and “Resident Evil” director Paul W.S. Anderson, looks just like her famous mama on the debut cover of Mini V magazine and in its accompanying photo spread.

And just like her mother, she’s already broken into both the modeling and acting world at a very young age.

Anderson will play Wendy Darling in Disney+’s upcoming “Peter Pan & Wendy” movie and, speaking with the magazine, she opened up about fearing she had aged out of the role after production was delayed for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“[Costar Alexander Molony, who plays Peter] and I met when we were 12-years-old, and then shooting was delayed a year due to the pandemic, so it’s been kind of wild watching each other grow from children to teenagers,” she explained. “Alex’s voice dropped, I grew three inches, and we are no longer the children we [were] three years ago!”

She continued, “The only doubt I had was due to the three inches I grew from being cast to the first day of filming. I had a growth spurt before filming, [so] I was worried Disney might think I was too old to play Wendy [but], thankfully, they didn’t mind that at all.”

Like her character, Ever said she too “really wasn’t interested in growing older” herself.

“I still enjoyed playing with my dolls and games with my little sister,” she confessed. “But now that I’m 15 and discovering more and more, there are things I definitely look forward to, and in order to do those things, I have to be older. I can’t wait to travel on my own or with a friend, and maybe spend a summer in Paris or Tokyo.”

Now that she’s working even more while also attending high school, the actress admitted that juggling the two has become harder to manage as she’s gotten older.

“It was easier to balance when I was younger, but this last year has been more of a challenge now that I am in high school,” she said. “I fell behind in chemistry, so I have had to devote some extra hours over the weekends to catch up.”

“I would like to study international law, or maybe literature at [a] university,” she said of her future elsewhere in the interview. “I can’t imagine not continuing to act but I also understand that there are no guarantees in life, so I need to have something else to fall back on.”

And when it came time to name some of her greatest sources of inspiration, she didn’t hesitate to name her mom.

“Lucille Ball has fascinated me since I was a tiny girl. I grew up on I Love Lucy and memorized entire episodes as a kid. She was so talented and always glamorous to me,” she said, before adding, “My mom has also been my hero growing up because there was nothing she couldn’t do or be in my eyes. In fashion, like most girls, I suppose I’ve been drawn to Kate Moss who is always just so cool. I also admire the effortless beauty of Jane Birkin.”

“Peter Pan & Wendy” is due out later this year on Disney+.

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