M3GAN's Allison Williams, Director Say Chucky Is No Match for Their Killer Doll (Exclusive)

Chucky from the “Child’s Play” franchise has been slicing and dicing for nearly 35 years — but does he have competition in the form of a new killer doll, M3GAN?

The Model 3 Generative Android, AKA M3GAN, instantly won over Twitter when the first trailer for her new movie dropped back in October. But someone who wasn’t too happy about all the praise was the OG tiny terror: Chucky himself.

The official Twitter account for the “Chucky” TV series instantly started going after M3GAN on social media. Both the show and the new movie come from Universal, so, yes, it’s a brilliant promotional ploy … but one that also got us thinking, who would win in a showdown between the two hellions?

“Is it even a beef if it’s that uneven?” Allison Williams, who plays M3GAN’s creator in the new film told TooFab when asked about the feud. “She’s so got him. Duh.”

“I have on good authority from the person who made her that she’s kind of unstoppable, more of less,” she added.

“So, yeah, I think she’s got this one.”

Director Gerard Johnstone was also “clearly” on Team M3GAN as well. “That was really funny,” he said of the Twitter beef between the two toys.

“I try not to read too much press because it can impact you negatively. It’s such a psychological thing because even if 100 people say, ‘Hey, this looks awesome’ and one person says, ‘This looks s—,’ you’re thinking about, ‘Why does it look s—? What can I do to make this person think it’s not s—?’ So I tend to stay away from the internet,” he added, “but I couldn’t not be aware of all of that and it was just really fun.”

Though he believes his doll would win in a duel to the death, Johnstone also acknowledged that “Chucky’s a really iconic character, so for them to be talked about in the same sentence is a huge honor, it’s fun.”

Check out some of M3GAN and Chucky’s best barbs below. “M3GAN” hits theaters January 6.

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