Love marriage leaves bad taste after groom’s beer

A bride who had got very angry that her groom had beer with a friend subsequent to coming back to his house after the honeymoon had assaulted him and bitten off a part of his ear.

She had scratched his body, hit her sister-in-law, berated his parents and ended their marriage by removing her wedding ring and handing it over to her newly married husband.

This incident which had taken place in Galatha, Gampola was reported to the Gampola Police.

Gampola police said that this couple had been in love for seven years prior to getting married.

The bride is a resident of Gampola and had worked in a private financial institution while the bridegroom was from Galatha and had worked at a private organization.

Their wedding had taken place five days ago great cost. The photographer had been paid a Rs.200,000

Subsequently they had returned to the groom’s home after their honeymoon of four days. He had met a friend and had a beer with him during that occasion. As a result her husband was late in coming home by half an hour.

The bride who had got upset had scolded her husband and begun assaulting him. Then she had bitten his ear until he started bleeding and scratched his body with her nails as well.

She had also scolded the groom’s parents who had tried to intervene and the bride had then pushed her mother-in-law out of the way, hit her sister-in-law and then called her home, asking them to come and pick her up.

With a large group from the bride’s faction arriving in a number of three-wheelers the incident had been reported to the police emergency number.

Police officers who had gone to the house had calmed the parties and cooled down tempers.

The bride had removed her wedding ring in the presence of the police officers, had given it over to the bridegroom and said that the marriage was over.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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