‘Let me touch it’, BB 16 fame Ankit Gupta reveals his weird casting couch experience

New Delhi: Ankit Gupta has had a successful career in television and is well-liked by the public. The actor has been making waves since he appeared on Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 16. In a recent interview with a media portal, he revealed a casting couch experience from his early days in show business.

Sharing a piece of shocking advice that he received at the beginning of his career, Ankit revealed, “Yaha to compromise karna padta hai. A lot of people, who wanted me to compromise, used to say ‘See Ankit aise toh kaam milta nahi hai industry mein. We have launched several people’. They used to take names of biggies, stating that the celebs were launched by him.”

The actor went on to say that individuals claimed they launched great stars in the industry and that all of them made compromises to get to where they are now.

Ankit Gupta opened up on his ‘Worst’ casting couch experience

Ankit also revealed his reaction to the entire scenario when urged to compromise. He described it as the “worst experience of his life,” saying he was horrified and took a step back when such things occurred. “I said no- I am not into guys and even if I am, I cannot do this. It was my worst experience. Okay, it is getting adult now. Someone said, ‘Okay, you don’t want to do it but at least let me touch it. Upar se hi hai. I was shocked and said to myself ‘What is happening?’,” he said.

Ankit Gupta’s next professional appearance will be in Junooniyatt, which will premiere soon. The actor will play Jahaan in the music drama, which also stars Gautam Vig and Neha Rana.

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