Julie Chrisley Says She's Worried About Being 'Separated' From Husband Todd in Prison

Julie Chrisley is sharing her thoughts about her upcoming prison sentence.

In November, Todd was sentenced to 12 years behind bars, while Julie was given 7, after being convicted of bank fraud and tax evasion earlier this year. They both received 16 months probation. Todd, 53, and Julie, 49, are to report to their respective Florida prisons in a couple of weeks — and the institutions are about two and half hours apart from one another, according to People.

On the latest episode of the couple’s “Chrisley Confessions” podcast, Julie expressed her concerns about “being separated” from her husband. While speaking to her son Chase’s fiancée Emmy Medders, the reality star brought up the difference between her having to be away from Todd, and how Medder’s mother will possibly have to “say goodbye” to her husband, who suffers from ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).

“We’re caretakers and we make sure everybody else is good, and she is the caretaker for your father now,” Julie said to her future daughter-in-law, referring to her mother. “I’ve never heard her complain … and she just says, ‘Jule, I just pray. I just pray.’ … and I’ll do the same thing, even though our situation is so different.”

“There is that possibility of my husband and I being separated,” she continued. “But there’s a difference between my husband and I being separated for a period of time and having to say goodbye forever.”

“It almost makes me feel ashamed that I’m even worried,” added Julie, who appeared to be getting choked up. “Unless the good Lord intervenes, [your mom is] going to have to say goodbye to her husband and she won’t see him again this side of heaven.”

“I think it puts things into perspective for me because we all think our hard is the hardest thing,” she explained, adding that everyone is “entitled to feel how you feel” no matter what they may be struggling with.

Julie went on to share a piece of advice her friend told her. “My friend Lynn says all the time … ‘I believe that the tears that you shed are sewing the seeds for your future,'” she emotionally shared. “And it has been such a source of strength for me because I have not typically been a crier and this whole experience has truly taken me to my knees.”

Todd and Julie were convicted in June of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, conspiracy to defraud the United States and tax fraud. The pair have maintained their innocence.

A few days after they were sentenced in November, the reality stars spoke out about the news on an episode of their “Chrisley Confessions” podcast.

Julie read a quote from author Priscilla Shirer, saying, “Age is just a number, and since we don’t know our death date, we have to live every day as if it’s our last.”

“Yesterday doesn’t matter,” Todd said in response. “Today is what we have. Tomorrow belongs to God because we’re not promised tomorrow. What God calls us through, he will walk us through.”

The couple shared on the December 14 episode of their “Chrisley Confessions” podcast that they have appealed their case.

However, the two have been ordered to report to prison on January 17. According to People, Todd and Julie will serve their time at Federal Prison Camp Pensacola, and Federal Correctional Institution Marianna, respectively.

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