Julia Fox on If She'd Join New RHONY, If She's Talked to Kim Kardashian Since Dating Kanye

As expected, Julia Fox was unfiltered and unafraid to speak her mind while a guest on “Watch What Happens Live.” And yet, the funniest moment came completely outside of Andy Cohen’s questions.

While chatting with her about “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,” Andy noticed that Julia wasn’t looking directly at him. So he asked her if it was about capturing her good side on the camera that she was tilting her face away from him.

Her response was priceless. “I’m honestly just looking at myself in this TV,” she told him. When he urged her to be present in the moment and engage directly with him, she shot back, “I know, but I look so good!”

Honestly, Andy looked a little out of sorts throughout this interview, as if he wasn’t quite sure what to do or how to take Julia’s responses or behavior. She did admit later in the interview that her anxiety was through the roof before she even came out.

She even said she smoked some weed a little before to try and calm her nerves, but immediately came to regret it. She was also downing a martini throughout the night, which confused Andy even more when she said she and Leah McSweeney met at Alcoholics Anonymous.

Julia laughed that Leah was initially her sponsor, but she quickly realized that perhaps that wasn’t the best role for her. But they did become friends, so all’s well that ends well.

When they were later talking about drinking, Andy awkwardly said, “I guess you’re drinking now,” quickly adding, “Not my business.”

With an awkward laugh, Julia replied, “No, the AA didn’t work out. I thought that was obvious.”

“Your own journey, so God bless you,” Andy said in one of many times he didn’t seem to know quite how to respond to Julia’s responses, or how she was wording things. In response to this comment, Julia added, “It’s a long one.”

Julia was grilled early on about all the drama that’s been playing out on “RHOSLC,” and she was not shy about what she thought, who she believed and even how she’d respond.

For example, she said that if Jen Shah had tossed her shoes into the bay, as she did to Angeia Katsanevas, Julia said, “I would have pushed that beyotch in the water,” before adding after a beat, “To go retrieve the shoes.”

She was far kinder to Lisa Barlow, saying that her take on “Away in a Manger” wasn’t bad, and that she didn’t buy that Lisa had traded “sexual favors for basketball tickets.”

“I don’t think it’s true,” Julia said. “But even if it were true, there’s no shame in that game.”

One thing you can always count on with Julia is that she will fearlessly speak her mind, which would actually make her a pretty good cast-member on a “Real Housewives” franchise.

When Andy asked her if she’d be interested in joining the new cast of “The Real Housewives of New York City,” she was a little hesitant to jump into the unknown like that.

“It’s a tough question because I don’t know what the new girls are giving,” she explained. “So I’d kind of have to just feel it out a little bit and if I think we can vibe than yeah, totally, why not?”

Hilariously, Andy was doing a live audience poll at the same time, and he very generously described it by saying they were “mixed on this one.” Julia laughed at his choice of words as 61 percent of viewers voted “No” to having her join the franchise.

Nevertheless, she said that she’d actually been approached by a producer already and the timing wasn’t right then. “But, you know, never say never!”

Stepping outside of his own “Real Housewives” interests, Andy also asked Julia if it really was Drake that she had gone on that date, as the internet had been speculating.

We will say that she didn’t definitively confirm anything, but at the same time she certainly seemed to confirm everything with two very pointed, “Maybe” responses. She then lamented, “Shouldn’t have given me that shot,” which triggered the aforementioned sobriety discussion above.

She was also asked by a caller if she and Kim Kardashian had been in a room together since Julia broke up with Kanye West, to which the answer was yes … but “it was a very big room,” with Julia gesturing that she and Kim were in two very different places in that room. As for Kanye, she said they’ve not spoken in almost a year.

Julia did get a little emotional at one point when one caller said that she’d dressed up as Julia for Halloween. “It really does warm my heart, ’cause I’m such a freak and I get made fun of so much, so when people, like, stand behind me and dress up like me and they follow the trends that I’m starting and stuff, but you know, it means a lot and I notice it,” she said. “Freaks unite.”

As for the next time she appears on the show, Julia promised a flummoxed-by-her-response Andy that she would maybe try an edible next time, or something a little more lowkey.

You can check out more of her thoughts on the “RHOSLC” drama, including Jen Shah’s upcoming sentencing, as well as Josh Safdie’s reaction to her saying she was his “Uncut Gems” muse and her next film project in the clips above.

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