Julia Fox Gives 'Very Underwhelming Apartment Tour' of NYC Home on TikTok

Julia Fox is giving an inside look into her home — and she’s much more relatable than one may think.

On Wednesday, the 32-year-old model posted a video on TikTok of what she described as a “very underwhelming” tour of her New York City apartment, where she lives with her 2-year-old son, Valentino.

And despite her celebrity status, Fox’s life at home seems relatively normal, complete with shoe boxes in the kitchen, her son’s toys in every room, and a “small mouse problem.”

“I never thought in a million years that I would do this, but I do believe in maximum transparency,” she began in the 3-minute clip. “So I’m going to give you guys an apartment tour. And I know I’m going to get roasted and whatever, but hopefully, maybe someone can watch this and be like, ‘Okay, well maybe I’m not doing so bad.'”

The “Uncut Gems” star first took her followers into her bedroom, which is actually the living room.

“I put my bed here in the living room so I could turn my bedroom into a little playroom for Valentino,” Fox said while panning the camera across the slightly-cluttered room.

After showing the play area where her son “hangs out,” the actress showed her “nostalgia mirror,” which featured photos of her son as well as shots of herself and her friends, including loved ones who had passed away.

Fox also shared footage of a hanged print on her bedroom wall, in addition to two small empty potted plants she has on her dresser, which she described as her “grow station, where nothing is growing because we don’t know what we’re doing.”

As she continued her video, the “No Sudden Move” star went into the apartment’s “very long hallway” that featured a variety of items, including clothes, a small shoe rack, and a whiteboard of Valentino’s “day care schedule.”

After showing some framed photos that she has displayed in the hallway, Fox then filmed her “little bathroom.” She explained, “It’s very tiny but it does what it’s supposed to do.”

As for the kitchen, Fox panned over Valentino’s play kitchen, before showing her “kitchen area,” which featured a variety of items and boxes on the table, including a cotton candy machine. “Don’t judge me,” she quipped in the video. “I know it’s really messy. I also have shoe boxes in the kitchen, which is very common for New Yorkers.”

The Milan-born star went on to give a tour of Valentino’s room, which was absolutely adorable, however, she said her son doesn’t spend time there.

“I put the most effort into this room I think,” she explained, showing the loft bed, the array of toys and the bookshelf. “I really wanted him to have a cute room. However, he does not hang out in here at all. He only wants to be in mama’s room. He, like, doesn’t even sleep in there. He sleeps in bed with me. Yeah, we’re co-sleepers. Sue me, I don’t care.”

Fox then returned to her bedroom/living room, and explained the reason behind her living situation.

“For me, personally, I just, I don’t like excessive displays of wealth,” she told the camera. “They make me feel icky. You know, especially people that have really big houses … it’s just really wasteful when there’s so many homeless people in this country.” And like, I just, I’m not really like that.”

Meanwhile, on another note, Fox shared that she has a “little small mouse problem” in her home.

“It’s a problem depending on how you look at it,” she said. “I kind of let them rock. I appreciate that they — at night while we’re sleeping — come out and clean up the crumbs that my son drops on the floor. So I’m not going to evict the mice anytime soon.

She ended her video by showing two urns she displayed on the windowsill that contain friends’ ashes.

Fox captioned the video, “Come with me on a very underwhelming apartment tour! also to clarify I have only ONE mouse and he’s cute 🥰.”

Many fans took to the comments section of the TikTok to praise Fox for having such a “normal” apartment for a celebrity.

“Love your place! Looks totally awesome and spacious for NYC. I’d put my bedroom in the living room too!!” a user wrote to which Fox replied, “I know it’s crazy that this is a big apartment for NY standards lol I grew up in a shoe box so I don’t mind it.”

“Julia fox is the most normal celebrity I have ever seen. She deserves it all for her honesty and transparency. We love u juju foxy,” a fan commented, while another wrote, “So nice to finally see a celeb home that actually feels lived in ⭐️🌷💟.”

Another said, “Your [sic] a mother that obviously prioritizes your child & it is a beautiful apartment. Love you are showing that success looks different for every person.”

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