Joey Lawrence and Samantha Cope Spill on 'Perfect' Newborn Baby Girl (Exclusive)

It may have been nearly 13 years since Joey Lawrence last had a baby in the house, but he says he had no problem snapping right back into newborn mode after welcoming daughter Dylan earlier this month with wife Samantha Cope.

Lawrence, 46, and Cope, 35, welcomed their first child together on January 16. The baby girl joins Joey’s children with his ex-wife, 16-year-old Charleston and 12-year-old Liberty.

“She’s so perfect, she’s two whole weeks old. She’s growing too fast,” exclaimed Cope when the couple spoke with TooFab ahead of the release of their new romcom, “Frankie Meets Jack.”

“So wild. It’s great. I have a 17 year old, almost 17, almost 13, but it’s just full circle and it’s really neat,” added Lawrence, before being asked how he was adjusting to having a baby in the home again.

“The adjustment period, kids break you in, man and they break you down,” he said, making it clear he never really snapped out of it. “It’s 2006 when Charlie was born. I’m for sure broken in and I feel like there is a breaking period.”

“I don’t know if it’s a guy thing or what it is, but when you have the first one, everything you do now, you have to be cognizant of something else,” he continued. “I’m well broken in. I’m like an old baseball mit, super pliable, and I remember it well, crying nights and diaper changes.”

He added that to approach fatherhood “from this state of life is pretty cool.”

Lawrence and Cope met on the set of the the thriller “A Deadly Deed” and got engaged in August 2021. The pair said “I do” in May 2022, just three months before announcing her pregnancy. Speaking with TooFab, Cope said the two had “such an instant connection” on set, adding that “it took a minute to figure out what that was.”

“It was very unexpected for both of us, but once we realized it was such a safe place to feel that way, it didn’t take long,” she said. “Even though he was trying to kill me [in the thriller], I was like, ‘I think I’ll marry him. We’ll see if he’s a method actor or not.'”

“It’s just one of those intangible, unexpected things. It was awesome, but you never expect it,” added Lawrence. “Life puts you through these ups and downs, ins and outs, and when you least suspect things to work out, they work out. That is the irony of life, so many times and in so many different aspects.”

“I’m lucky to live. I see it more and more every day, the irony and unexpected things that twist and turn, that’s just kind of the journey,” he concluded. “If you get to wake up every day and live it, alright, I’m down for the ride.”

“Frankie Meets Jack” premieres February 3 on Tubi.

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