Jersey Shore's Angelina Pivarnick Plotting Return to Music, Writing and Producing New Songs (Exclusive)

More than 12 years after her debut single, “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” star Angelina Pivarnick says she’s ready to release new music.

The reality star broke the news to TooFab while promoting the upcoming season of her MTV series, saying she’s hoping to write and produce her own songs following the release of “I’m Hot” way back in 2010.

While her music career didn’t take off quite as much as DJ Pauly D’s did at the time, she said it’s time to try again.

“I did dabble a little bit in music back in the day and I feel like I did that song ‘I’m Hot,’ it was a parody, but everybody loved it, it was all over the radio,” she told TooFab. “I’m doing it now and I’m writing a new ‘I’m Hot #2.’ Gonna dip my toes back in the music world I think.”

“I’m gonna take this a little more seriously,” she added, saying that she even bought herself DJing and music production equipment.

“I did buy a Pioneer, a turn table and learning how to do that. I’m like really trying, maybe produce my own music and writing my own songs, so that’s gonna be great,” she continued. “Last time I had someone else write it for me and they were really into vocals and I kinda just did whatever. But this time it’s gonna be me.”

She added that she hasn’t asked Pauly for any help yet, noting that he’s “very busy.”

While we’ll have to wait for Angelina to grace us with her next single, she’ll be back on TV starting this Thursday when the new season of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” premieres on MTV.

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