Instant Dosa Recipe: Try this new atta matar dosa, method here

Instant Dosa Recipe: Our breakfast menu frequently includes items from South Indian cuisine. There are many possibilities, including vada sambhar, upma, and idli. One of the most well-liked morning foods is the dosa, which is enjoyed not just in south India but also throughout the rest of the nation. Even though we wish we could have it more frequently, our shortage of morning time prevents us from creating it.

A unique winter matar and atta flour are used to make this quick dosa. It tastes nice and is simple to make. In order to satisfy our taste buds without spending too much time and effort, we are keeping this recipe for those hurried mornings.

Instant Dosa Recipe: Method

Peel and wash the matar first. In a mixer-grinder, combine it with green chilies, garlic, and coriander leaves, as well as some water. Place the mixture in a bowl. Mix in some atta, sooji, rice flour, and salt. Maintain a thin batter consistency by adding water as needed. Allow it to rest for a while. Then, on a greased pan, fry as usual. Your atta matar dosa is prepared.

Watch the complete recipe here

The speciality of this recipe is that it doesn’t even require soda or curd. Dosa is traditionally made with a batter of urad dal and rice, soaked for hours and then ground to make a paste for the batter. But we found a dosa recipe that doesn’t require that much time, it can be prepared in few minutes.

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