Indication of longevity: Five clues that you’ll have longer life; according to research

Indication of longevity: Everyone wants to live longer with their loved ones and desires to stay healthy and always laugh in their life.

Nowadays, except for some diseases, treatment of every disease is possible through science. But despite this, it is very difficult to avoid death, or rather it is impossible to say. Nowadays, everyone wants to know how many more days they will live or always has the urge to know about their age.

What will be the average age of a human being?

There is a cure for things in India, so it can be ascertained through Indian astrology how many days a person will live, although there is no guarantee whether this is true or not. But if we talk about science, then with the help of some signs it can be known what will be the average age of any human being.

Indication of longevity: Make changes in diet

If you don’t indulge in food and drink like today, then it is inevitable that you can come under the grip of many serious diseases, and can also lose your life. That’s why it is important that you first change your diet.

Along with this, if you also want to live for a long time, then it is very important to add healthy habits to your lifestyle or want to stay alive for a long time, then you will have to take special care of your loved ones along with changing these habits.

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Indication of longevity: Age is estimated from these signs


One study reported that small-scale communities and shops with small businesses and people in these areas have a very low death rate.


People who have an open mind and have conscientiousness, and yearn to gain experiences can live longer. Along with this, Women who understand things easily and are emotionally stable can live longer than others.


What kind of food you eat at what age, matters a lot and people who include foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants in their healthy diet can also live longer.

Happy married life

A Duke University study revealed that marriage can also increase a person’s life, and on the other hand, if married life is happy, then the age of such people also increases.

Deep connection with the age of the mother

When you are born, if the mother’s age is less than 25 years at that time, then you are likely to live longer. Also, scientists say that it can also be related to the quality of the egg of the mother.

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