How The Lawrence Brothers Are Making A Big Comeback In 2023 (Exclusive)

The Lawrence Brothers are prepping a major comeback for 2023.

Joey Lawrence confirmed that he and his brothers, Andrew and Matthew, have multiple projects in the works for the new year — including their long-awaited return to television as a trio following their ’90s sitcom “Brotherly Love.”

First up for the brothers — or Joey and Andy, at least — is the film “Frankie Meets Jack,” which Andrew directed and Joey co-wrote with his wife Samantha Cope. Speaking with TooFab about the project, Joey revealed what else is to come for the famous family.

“It’s a collaboration between the two of us. I don’t take orders from him. I do when it makes sense, if he’s right, which is very rare [laughs],” Lawrence said of the new romcom, one of many Andrew has directed in recent years.

“It’s awesome. Andy’s been paving his own way on the directing front. It’s so cool. He has four movies lined up this year and we’re going to do another one together this year,” added Joey. “And I feel like he’s really growing leaps and bounds with every one of these he does.”

“We’re just excited. The brothers and I, we got the band back together and we’re working on a lot of stuff,” he then teased. “We got our new TV show, which is coming out later this year with the producers of Wedding Crashers called ‘Lawrence House’ with Steve Pink, our showrunner who’s fantastic.”

It’s something that’s been long in the making for the brothers, who first told TooFab back in 2017 they were working on series together.

“It took a long road. There were so many different iterations of it. People were trying to get us to do reality and we just fought it and fought it so hard because we just didn’t want to do it and we finally didn’t have to do it,” Joey explained.

In addition to the TV show and additional films, the three also have a podcast called — what else — “The Brotherly Love Pod,” premiering February 24. Joey says the podcast will show how the brothers really relate with one another and will include fan questions and insight into the family dynamic.

Joey and Sam have a couple shows in development as well, including a “throwback pop culture game show” and a couple’s competition series called “The Ex-Periment,” which they’re cohosting.

“It’s awesome!” exclaimed Lawrence. “You just keep plugging away, keep slinging it and hopefully stuff starts to stick.”

See Joey, Andy and Samantha next in “Frankie Meets Jack,” which premieres February 3 on Tubi.

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