Hand Mudras: Powerful hand symbols to gain dominance over your group

New Delhi: Hand Mudras can have a profound impact on the way our bodies and thoughts feel, from harnessing strength to conquering adversity and improving vitality. Mudras are “gestures” or “symbols” that are used to direct awareness and subtle energies to bring about esoteric and physical transformations.

These hand mudras, which have their roots primarily in Ayurveda—often referred to as the “sister science” of yoga—are meant to unblock and unleash significant and potent benefits while balancing and harmonising.

Here are 5 most powerful hand mudras for you to know

Awakening Mudra (Uttarabodhi)

It has the power to invoke enlightenment as well as a greater awareness and consciousness of the spiritual. It helps to overcome fear, relax your body, and restore your energy.

Enlightenment Mudra (Yoni)

Your nervous system will quiet down, and you will have more control over your senses. it assists you in developing inner awareness and improving your communication skills.

Illumination Mudra (Kalesvara)

It will slow down your thoughts and make you more aware of addictive behaviors. It improves memory, clears the mind of competing thoughts, and helps with concentration.

Unbreakable Trust Mudra

it will ensure unshakeable self-confidence in you as well as inner strength and faith in a higher power. With this, your self-assurance will soar, enabling you to decide how your future self will live.

Kali Mudra

The Kali mudra symbolises overcoming adversity. She is dedicated to eradicating darkness and evil so that the triumph of good can be seen. Kali is the deity to summon with this mudra. If you’re trying to make changes, get rid of some needless baggage, or locate a little extra “fierce goddess” energy to get you through a difficult day.

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