Gold Price Update: Gold rate heavily skids ahead of Makar Sankranti; golden chance for buyers

Gold Price 7 January: This is certainly good news for gold buyers ahead of Mankar Sankranti and Lori. Gold has witnessed a sharp decline in price for the last two consecutive days. The season of marriage is going to start after Mankar Sankranti and it is indeed a good time to buy gold. Now the price of gold has started running in reverse gear, that is, it has started getting cheaper. If such momentum remains in the bullion market, then further decline in its price can be registered.

On the fourth and fifth day of the first trading week of the new year 2023, gold prices registered a continuous decline. On Friday, gold became cheaper at the rate of Rs 209 per 10 grams, while the price of silver registered a huge increase at the rate of Rs 210 per kg.

After this, gold fell below Rs 55600 per 10 grams on Friday. Although silver climbed up and closed near Rs 67900 per kg. After this, people now have a great opportunity to buy gold at a cheaper rate of Rs 600 per 10 grams and silver at more than Rs 1200 per kg.

On Friday, gold (Gold Price Update) became cheaper by Rs 209 per 10 grams and closed at Rs 55587 per kg. Whereas on the last trading day on Thursday, gold fell by Rs 346 per 10 grams and closed at Rs 55796 per 10 grams.

However, on Friday, unlike gold, a slight rise in the price of silver (Gold Price Update) was recorded. On Friday, silver became costlier by Rs 210 and closed at Rs 67888 per kg. Whereas on the last trading day on Thursday, silver rate fell by Rs 1693 and closed at Rs 67678 per kg.

14 to 24 carat Gold Price 7 January:  

In this way, on Friday, 24-carat gold became cheaper by Rs.209 to Rs.55,587, 23-carat gold became cheaper by Rs.210 to Rs.55,363, 22-carat gold became cheaper by Rs.191 to Rs.50,918, 18-carat gold became cheaper by Rs.157 to Rs.41,690 and 14-carat gold became cheaper by Rs. Gold became cheaper by Rs 123 and closed at Rs 32518 per 10 grams.

Gold slips by Rs 600; silver by Rs 12000 from all-time high

Gold is currently selling cheaper than its all-time high by Rs 613 per 10 grams. Let us tell you that gold had made its all-time high in August 2020. At that time gold had gone up to the level of Rs 56200 per ten grams. On the other hand, silver was getting cheaper than its highest level at the rate of Rs 12092 per kg. The all-time high level of silver is Rs 79980 per kg.

Do not delay in buying gold

According to the experts of bullion market, after Kharmas, there is still a lot of time left in the wedding season along with Makar Sankranti on January 14. In such a situation, the phase of rise in the price of gold and silver will continue in the coming days. Also, these people say that soon in the new year 2023, the price of gold will reach near or beyond its highest level. In such a situation, if you have a wedding here too and you want to buy gold, then buy it as soon as possible. So that you can get some benefit.

Gold Price 7 January: Know price by giving a missed call

To know the retail rate of 22 carat and 18 carat gold jewellery, you can give a missed call on 8955664433. Rates will be received through SMS in a short while. Along with this, you can visit or for continuous updates.

Check purity of gold

If you want to check the purity of gold now, then an app has been made by the government for this. With the BIS Care app, customers can check the purity of gold. Through this app, you can not only check the purity of gold, but can also make any complaint related to it.

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