‘Dhanush ka karz’ National archer Dipti Kumari paying off loan by selling tea, Govt to help?

Vivek Chandra, Ranchi: Jharkhand’s government just enacted a new sports policy. The administration asserts that it is working to improve the skill of the state’s players. Despite this, a national archer is compelled to sell tea by the side of the road in Ranchi, the state capital.

Dipti Kumari is the name of this national archer. The constraint is that she must return a debt. Dipti sells tea from a pavement booth near Ranchi’s Argora Chowk. Dipti’s family is impoverished financially.

Dipti explains that her mother borrowed money from the Mahila Samiti to purchase a bow for her archery practice. Following this, the mother was forced to take out a loan of Rs 3.5 lakh for arrows and other necessities.

‘Dhanush’ and ‘sapna’ broke at World Cup cadet trials

Dipti tells News24 that she used to win every archery tournament in which she competed. As a result, she was invited to compete in the World Cup Cadet Trial in 2013. It seemed like though Dipti’s fantasy had come true. Dipti’s mother borrowed money to purchase a bow for her daughter.

Dipti arrived at Kolkata’s SAI Center on time for the World Cup Cadet Trial, but fate had other plans for her. Dipti’s bow broke at the last second, preventing her from competing in the World Cup trials.

Selling tea to pay off ‘Dhanush’ debt

Dipti attempted to continue playing, but she was unable to get financial assistance elsewhere. The loan interest rate for Dhanush was also rising. The house’s financial situation was similarly poor. The father’s health, who administers the house after farming, began to deteriorate as well.

Following this, the mother became infected with the illness. Despite this, Dipti did not give up and chose to relocate to Ranchi and open a tea store. She also uses this store to pay Dhanush’s debt instalments and to assist financially operate the house.

Dipti has received almost fifty medals

Dipti has given honour to Jharkhand by winning medals in a slew of national and state tournaments. She has over fifty medals, which speaks volumes about her exceptional accomplishment.

Dipti has competed at the high school, college, and national levels. She wants to push it even further.

Using bamboo bow for practice

Dipti does not have enough money to purchase a suitable bow for archery. She has frequently ordered a bamboo bow from Manipur for practice.

According to Dipti, the bamboo bow must be imported from Manipur and costs between Rs 15,000 and Rs 30,000. It also doesn’t last long.

Sisters are archers as well

Dipti has also taught her sisters archery techniques. Doli and Monika Kumari, Deepti’s sisters, are also archers. Doli has also competed in archery nationals. Monika has also won several medals at the state level.

Expecting aid from government

Dipti wants the state government to assist her so that she can pursue her archery ambition once more and bring honour to the state. She claims that if the government hires her through a sports quota, she would be able to better her family’s financial situation.

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