‘Dental One welcomes the New Year by encouraging Sri Lankans to smile more’

Dental One, one of Sri Lanka’s leading oral health providers, has welcomed the new year and invites all Sri Lankans to “smile everyday” to start the new year off on a positive note.

The dawning of the new year is the ideal time to bring about positive changes into a person’s life, be it at home, office or in society, so that one can become the best version of him or herself. One of the best ways to portray confidence and a positive outlook on life is to smile more. Having a beautiful smile is guaranteed to make a person more attractive and light up the room. While practicing good oral hygiene is always a good start, the perfect way to make a smile dazzling is to go to a dental clinic that offers smile enhancement treatments. Dental One provides Smile Enhancement treatments that guarantee a healthy, beautiful smile that enhances the appearance and also boosts self-esteem of the patient. These are ideal for any individual of any age or gender and are especially popular among wedding couples as they prepare for their big day.

Dental One was founded with the aim of enhancing Sri Lanka’s dental care services in key locations by providing a specialised dental treatment centre that uses world-class dentistry techniques coupled with state-of-the-art facilities to provide painless dental treatments. Dental One provides the most comprehensive selection of oral health solutions that are on par with international standards, all under one roof. Its General Dentistry provides the primary dental care of all patients including oral exams, gum care, fillings, root canals, crowns & bridges, implants and many more. The Paediatric Dentistry facility handles the examination and management of oral health in children and takes special care to eliminate fear from their young minds. Its Restorative Dentistry focuses on replacing teeth that are damaged or missing and its Orthodontics services diagnoses and treats tooth misalignment and irregularity in the jaw area. Additionally, its Sports Injury Protection offers customised, scientifically-produced mouth guards and gum shields for safeguarding teeth as well as protective pads to minimize facial injuries when enjoying sports.

All Dental One clinics are conveniently-located with ample parking facilities for easy access with free Wi-Fi. Each of the three current clinics has been carefully-designed to provide patients with convenience and comfort to put their minds at complete ease during every visit. The professional, friendly staff and the panel of highly-trained specialists and doctors are always ready to guide patients every step of the way so that they can clear all doubts about their dental procedures, resulting in their visits being fast, simple, and pleasant from start to finish.

Patients can make appointments at Dental One by calling its hotline 011-2720505 or by booking online via www.dentalone.lk. Dental One clinics are available in Negombo, Panadura and Mount Lavinia, with more clinics to be opened in the coming months.


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